Sunday, September 14, 2008

summer part one

The summer went by too fast! Before I get too deep into school I thought better blog, otherwise it'll never happen. Due to a crashed Hard drive I only have pictures from a few events this summer. I'm very sad about my loss, but I will recover. 

Summer Highlights:
Lizzy came to visit for two whole weeks! (More below)
Rilo Kiley Concert
"New Restaurant night" with Dana and Leland.
Walks through Williamsberg and McCarren Park
Running along the Hudson River. 
Lizzy got engaged!
Sleeping in Central Park. 
Making friends with the Red Mango people. Actually I'm a little ashamed.
Cooking with Jamar.
Tilly and the Wall concert.
I became an official New York resident!
Trip to Boise and Utah. (More in future blog)

I had the Pleasure I having my friend Lizzy come out and visit. She didn't really care to do too much of the touristy stuff because she has been there done that, so we had a pretty open schedule to take advantage of the city as we pleased! We of course took pictures...

We started the fun with these two, Jordan and Patrick. We had a delicious Fourth of July breakfast of German Pancakes. Compliments to the chefs J and P! 

We ate the occasional Red Mango. 

We spent some time with Dana and Leland.  Dana is my friend from school and work and Leland is her boyfriend. We have spent many nights in this park listening to the Piano guy that is always there, and people watching. 

We made a stop at Babycakes of course. 

We got caught in a down poor when we could not get into a free Avett Brothers concert. We ran into a gazebo, along with half the city. It was raining so hard that we were getting sprayed with rain anyway, so we said "who cares?" and ran around in it. Much more fun that waiting two minutes for it to stop. 

That same night we jumped on a train and headed to the Jersey shore. Our friends Aundi and Ted were living right on the beach while Ted was selling security systems for the summer. We arrived around eleven p.m. and went straight to the ocean. This was the best break from the city I could've asked for. We loved it so much that we went back again. A very big thanks to Ted and Aundi for letting us hang with them and crash in their awesome apartment. 

Liz reading her favorite book.

We searched for sea glass, and hit the jackpot. 

Love the collapsable hat

When we made it back to the city we went to see our friend's band, Someone Still Loves you Borris Yeltsin. 

We spent time in Central Park...

Went to an amazing Austrian art gallery featuring Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt to name a few.

lizzy found a new boyfriend but then dumped him before she left so she could get engaged to Seth. Sorry Sherrod.

Chilled with Jamar and wore pink pants.

I could go on but I think its time I stop. Thank you Liz for a wonderful visit. Thank you for my brown bag work lunches, making my apartment cleaner than it ever is, bringing me Utah bread, meeting me after work, helping me shop, and the list goes on... You just being here was enough for me. 


kay said...

Yeah!!!! She's back! I'm so glad you've got your computer back and are catching us up from the summer! I admit, I've been checking each week all summer to see if you could blog and I'm so glad you can now. Looks like so much fun with Lizzy and all and I can't wait for more catch up!
Love you!!!

Jenni said...

I am so happy you are back to blogging. I know you are busy but we love updates. Keep it up.

Mimi Gruwell said...

i hate that you have a blog and i didn't know! i hate that you are still more fabulous than me! I hate that you get to live in new york! don't you love the hate mail??!! you look fantastic, and i miss your face... that is all!

Kali Judkins said...

Hillary Mammen! I have no idea how I found your blog...but I am so glad I did! It looks like you are having an amazing life in NY. I wish you the best of luck, my dear. And if you ever have to create a commercial or something for school...never forget 'me gusta/no me gusta!' :)
Love, Kali

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